The Three Ethics of Permaculture are as follows:

1.             Care of the Earth

 All systems and elements on Earth are interconnected in ways we may not yet have the science to understand.  Both living and non-living things: Plants, animals, land, water, soil, and air. We must care for our forests, rivers, and soils which provide us the air we breathe, water we drink, and sustenance for growing food.  It is critical that we be mindful of how our actions support or disrupt natural systems.

2.             Care of People

 It is important to take responsibility for more than one’s own future. We must look to help our community by sharing knowledge and experience and to help build skills so others can provide for some of their basic needs as well.  We need each other.

3.             Return of Surplus to Earth and People (also called “Fair Share”)

We all must find a balance between what we have and what we need, how much we give and how much we take.  When we have abundance we can share that with others.  It is always good to realize the happiness in having enough for the benefit of ourselves, those around us and our planet.

Fruit Tree Guild Workshop at Hidden Harvest Farm in Baltimore.

Fruit Tree Guild Workshop at Hidden Harvest Farm in Baltimore.

How does Roots & Sky express the 3 Permaculture Ethics?

 Care of the Earth: Roots & Sky designs gardens for biodiversity, wildlife habitats and ecological sustainability.  We minimize our reliance on fossil fuels and encourage using local resources in our practice.  We encourage resource conservation on site, helping design compost and rainwater harvesting systems and offer yard waste recycling service offsite. When there are more fallen leaves than can be used on site, we take them to the closest urban farm where they are composted to build soil. Making and using compost is one of the most important ways to minimize our wasteful landfills and rebuild the nutrient density of our living soil.   

Care of People: Roots & Sky is always finding ways to engage with our community and share valuable information on our journey toward living a more sustainable lifestyle.  We feel that we are all learning together and constantly revising our actions.  In addition to providing workshops and training on Permaculture topics Roots & Sky offers private consultation on Permaculture design guidance and training. We also share educational opportunities and volunteer opportunities in Baltimore as well as useful articles and information on our Facebook Page.  We also engage in our own volunteer work and community work across the city.  In 2016 we gave free lectures on Permaculture to garden clubs and at libraries, taught workshops to the public on Permaculture Design, Plant Guild communities, and building an Herb Spiral at urban farms and in the garden of a community herbalist.  We have volunteered with Blue Water Baltimore, the Treekeepers program pruning street trees and clearing invasive vines, and helped build with Earthship Biotecture.  We are engaged with communities across the U.S. and are connected to other likeminded people internationally.  We uplift and support other organizations and companies like ours both locally and abroad who are working to improve our human relationship with the Earth and one another.

Return of Surplus:  Roots & Sky supports and encourages the view that we are all connected.  Our own involvement in volunteer work, as well as uplifting and connecting people to local nonprofits and small businesses that we feel share these ethics.  We are always interested in hearing what creative ideas and opportunities exist to support our community, and share these resources freely. We believe that whether you share extra food, time, skills or things no longer needed with others or compost to build soil, we are building a stronger community and environment. We must always think of creative ways to return surplus and share the joys of life with others.