Sustainable Farm Planning

Roots & Sky offers regenerative, restorative planning for evaluating and encouraging a farm’s sustainable potential. We start with site analysis and assessment services to help meet individual short and long-term goals for both educational farms and production-focused farms.

Services can include designing perennial agriculture systems, solutions for runoff and water harvesting, renewable energy production, animal systems, recommendations for siting greenhouses, outbuildings, a farm-store, solar panels, parking area, farm entry experiences for the public, and more.

Master Plan for Nutwood Farm- Cummington, MA


NUTWOOD FARM is a young 7-acre, diverse ecological agricultural operation in Cummington, Massachusetts, with the goal of cultivating a wide variety of edible perennial nuts, fruits and grains for the region. The farm is designed to be as productive as possible while also attending to continuous soil building, nutrient cycling, and wise resource management through crop diversity, effecient processing, zero-waste, and local distribution.

Nutwood Farm intends to become Massachusetts' first small-scale nut farm, offering English walnut, Chinese and American hybrid chestnut, Korean stone pine, Michigan pecan, Siberian pea shrub, hazelnut, butternut and heartnut. These trees are integrated into a series of diverse hedgerows. As the canopy matures it will be interspersed with small-scale annual grains, vegetables, mushrooms, and livestock. Owners Seva Tower and Kalyan Uprichard hope the farm will become part of the forefront of young innovative farms shaping the future of small-scaled, community based, ecologically sound, regenerative food systems.

In Fall of 2018, Lisa Krause from Roots & Sky worked with Nutwood Farm to create a master plan that incorporates the farmer’s permaculture values, regenerative management strategies, and sustainable production goals that will be slowly implemented over the next 5-20 years.