Roots & Sky is a natural gardening service that provides creative solutions for transforming backyards into ecosystems in the Baltimore area. Whether it is storm water runoff issues, designing for food production or adding diversity and beauty to your home, we work with you to make the design you need. We also offer installation/ maintenance services year round to keep your garden healthy, happy and looking good.

We also emphasize community connections thorough social media by spreading like minded information about local, national and international events and opportunities.  Gardening is often a solitary practice and social media is a good place to develop community and connect around common issues, share information and get inspired.

Roots & Sky appreciates that our clients love nature and want to share that joy with others. Some are concerned about big ecological issues. Some want the tranquility that a garden can offer. Others are parents and grandparents who simply want a place for their children to be free to develop a deep connection to nature. To help cultivate this connection, we offer introductory guidance for people new to gardening, tips for sharing nature with children, and assistance to those interested in growing their own food, herbs and teas.  Locally sourced food is the way of the future, and how more local can you get than your own backyard!