Whatever the season, there’s always work to be done in the Garden!  In addition to Design, Installation and Maintenance services Roots & Sky offers Permaculture Consultation services as well as Permaculture Workshops and Lectures for communities, groups or small events.

We can create customized designs of any size, from seasonal planters to entire yards.  Whole yard designs can be implemented in phases while working within your budget. 

We deliver plants from our growers and use Maryland-made Leaf-gro Soil Conditioner at each scheduled planting.  We provide recommendations for installing the right plant in the right place- taking into account light, water and soil requirements. We install anything from small trees and shrubs to groundcover plants and bulbs. We also offer installation for container garden and decorative planters and can create and install custom compost systems for any size (yard waste, kitchen scraps, worm bins)


Roots & Sky offers routine garden bed maintenance services including: seasonal cleanup, weeding, pruning, mulching, edging, leaf removal, plant suggestions and pest/disease identification.  We also do invasive vine removal, soil testing services, and seasonal compost tea applications to keep gardens healthy.  We also offer specialized monthly maintenance for our Habitat Designs and gardens (rain gardens, edible landscapes, vegetable gardens, etc.). For people interested in edible landscaping, we offer harvesting tips, kitchen garden maintenance, pest diagnosis and suggestions. We offer off-site yard waste recycling services and compost system maintenance.


We offer Permaculture Design Consultation and observation training for homeowners, community spaces, and urban farms. We also provide consultation services on specific gardening topics like designing for constantly blooming gardens, introducing native plants, and replacing frequently browsed plants with deer resistant plants.


Roots & Sky offers Permaculture Workshops on a variety of themes for the public, private groups, community organizations and urban farms.  If you would like to host an event, contact us and we can help organize an affordable hands-on, educational workshop! 

“Radical Optimism: Introduction to Permaculture Ethics and Principles”

“Elements of Permaculture Design”

“Developing Observation Practices and Learning to Read a Landscape”

“Designing Fruit Tree Guilds”

“Building an Herb Spiral”

“Designing Integrated Systems for Chickens”