Lisa is a gardener, permaculture designer, artist, and teacher in Baltimore City who is deeply rooted in activism and nature stewardship. She is a Maryland Master Gardener with advanced training in Baywise Gardening.  Lisa grew up on a wooded farm in Illinois where she learned ecology first-hand exploring the flora and fauna of the prairies, forests and wetlands under the guidance of her mother’s deep commitment to sustainability and the environment.  

Throughout her life she found opportunities to study the environmental topics that form the foundation for her passion of making space for nature in urban ecosystems.  Her background in activism began as a teenager, running programs for housing and food-justice for the homeless and volunteering on a wide variety of projects from park trail restoration to wild seed-saving with the state parks.

After moving to Baltimore, she pursued a career as an artist while finding opportunities to garden. Her passions combined in designing gardens after attaining certificates in Natural Methods of Honeybee Stewardship (2012), Permaculture Design (2014) and Fruit & Nut Tree Care from Baltimore Orchard Project (2015) and Dave Jacke's Forest Gardening Design Intensive (2017).  Lisa worked several years interpreting and installing designs for private clients along side her Permaculture teacher Patty Ceglia and helping her with Edible Landscaping workshops through the Gunpowder Valley Conservancy’s “Clear Creeks Initiative”.    Lisa has lectured on sustainable gardening and Permaculture topics, lead volunteers in hands-on projects and helped start a Permaculture Demonstration Garden and Food Forest at Baltimore Free Farm after completing an in-depth sustainability study, site assessment and garden design for the organization.    

She has volunteered with Blue Water Baltimore’s Herring Run Nursery helping educate about Native Plants while launching her landscaping business.  She continues to teach and speak on Permaculture topics while growing food in her own back yard, and finding opportunities to travel, volunteer and encourage deep connections to nature in those around her.